By Cruise and Stoley



Bayley was reluctant to make the trip down to Key West, as she was fearful of the emotions she knew were hiding behind her cool facade.  These were the one’s she wanted to keep hidden and had been successful in doing just that for the past six months.  On the other hand, she thought the trip might be cathartic, at least she hoped it would be.  Speeding her red convertible Toyota Spyder down U.S. 1 Bayley headed south towards paradise.  Her dark hair flowed freely in the open breeze and her heart quickened as she approached Key West.  Bayley inhaled deeply to push down the lump in her throat that formed as emotions welled in the pit of her stomach.  Slowing she stopped for a traffic light and as she waited, she looked over at the empty passenger’s seat.  Memories came flooding back of the blonde who had always occupied that seat.  The woman had captured her heart a very long time ago.  Bayley smiled remembering how happy her lover had been the first time they made the trip together to Key West.  Alexis had instantly deemed it her favorite vacation spot and so they had taken to celebrating every anniversary down there.   The smile quickly faded when she reminded herself of why she was here. To celebrate what would have been their tenth anniversary and to mourn the death of the beautiful lover who had died just six months ago.


The sound of a car horn startled her out of her revere and alerted her that the light had already changed.  Bayley made the turn heading towards the beach side of U.S. 1 and lifted her sunglasses to wipe the tears from her crystal blue eyes.  Finally realizing she was having a difficult time driving from the tears in her eyes, she pulled off to the side of the road to collect herself and gain control over the emotions that were consuming her at the memories of Alexis.  She wiped the freely flowing tears from her eyes chastising herself,  ‘I can’t do this.’   A sob escaped past her resolve as she looked out over the blue-green water that Alexis had loved the most about Key West.   Inhaling deeply, she chided herself, ‘Come on get a grip. You’re strong! You know you can do this. If Alexis were here she’d tell you the same thing.’  She kept reminding herself as she tried to stem the raging emotions that flooded through her along with the pain.   Her heart was torn in a million pieces from the loss of the only woman she had ever loved so completely.  Bayley finally slammed her hands on the steering wheel and pulled herself together, pulling back out onto the road she headed towards the guesthouse where she was staying.  She checked in and decided to walk around a bit before the sunset festivities began.  Heading down Duval Street she found it crowded with tourists, but never had she felt so alone.  This once exciting place meant nothing but heartache to her without Alexis.



 Feeling she had lost the other part of her soul, she felt as though she would never be alive again.  So far, this trip did nothing but make her feel worse, but knew she had to do it.  She and Alexis had always promised to spend their anniversary here and that’s what she intended to do, no matter how much it hurt.   Before she knew it she was at the end of the main drag and began to pass through ‘Mallory Square’ to reach the sunset festivities along the docks.  Bayley smiled as she passed through the market littered with carts and shops selling different items fondly remembering how much Alexis loved to shop.  On the other hand, she had hated all the shopping.  Now, she would give anything to have Alexis dragging her from shop to shop in her quest for the best bargain. Sadly wiping the moistness from her eyes she reprimanded herself. ‘Look at yourself! You’re a successful lawyer with a vibrant practice.  You have a great family and you’re in excellent health…what more could you ask for?’  She didn't have an answer as she reached the docks and secured herself a seat for the sunset.  The tourists sat looking out over the ocean at the brightly orange colored Florida sun that had began it’s descent to the ocean.  ‘The other part of my soul…Alexis.’  She whispered softly answering her previous question.  Bayley couldn’t stand the pain of not having Alexis in her life anymore and, as much as she wanted this pain to end, she couldn't help thinking about this woman.  Remembering back to the first time she had met Alexis the pain began to subside. She could remember all the excitement she felt for the vibrant, vicarious green-eyed blonde with a smile to die for.


Bayley lost her heart to that blonde beauty with the most beautiful emerald green eyes instantaneously.  It had been a mutual feeling Alexis later admitted to her blue-eyed lover.   Bayley felt better thinking about Alexis and all the happy times they shared.  They met as students in college during their on-the-job training for the Justice Department.  Bayley was older than Alexis and her Justice Department stint was her last on-the-job training assignment before graduation. Their budding romance had blossomed into a wonderfully loving and committed relationship. Neither could bare the thought of being apart from one another so, Bayley accepted a job with the Justice Department shortly after her training finished. She quickly moved to the top of the ranks in the Justice Department with a reputation for being a tough litigator.  But, the Justice Department had turned out to be too much of a stressful job, which she wanted no part of anymore.  Once Alexis had graduated they moved to Florida and opened their own practice together. Alexis was more mild mannered and tended to even out Bayley’s fiery demeanor creating a very successful and lucrative law practice.  Bayley was startled as someone nudged her shoulder slipping into the chair next to her.   She looked over, staring at the young lovers who had sat down next to her cuddled closely and kissing as the sun met the horizon.  Bayley missed the brilliance of the sunset as she sadly pictured herself in that same position with Alexis.


 She could still feel how wonderful the smaller woman felt in her arms, how soft her lips were when they kissed, and she could still smell her scent. The one that was so specific to her lover.  Bayley's ears prickled and she turned around quickly thinking she heard her name called out.    She scanned the crowded area for the voice she had thought called out to her, but only saw a mass of unfamiliar faces.  Bayley stood up quickly and made her way through the crowd, desperate to find the person who called out to her. The voice, it was Alexis’, she was sure of it.  She frantically searched the crowd, but to no avail and shaking her head sadly, she chalked it up to her mind betraying her.  She wished Alexis would call out to her again alive and real rather than just a figment of her imagination.   Frustrated and disappointed, she left the festivities and headed down Whitehead Street toward the ‘Southern Most Point’ of Florida, a very popular spot for tourists.  It was one of the spots Alexis had always made a point that they visit.  Along the way, Bayley passed Ernest Hemingway’s house and smiled at the memories of their tour through that historical museum.   Alexis had known how much Bayley had lived the author and they always visited the site.  Passing by a small bar filled with happy, rowdy patrons, Bayley decided to go back in for a drink.  She sidled up to the bar and ordered a whiskey and coke, hoping the alcohol would erase some of the pain she felt, but it never did.  It only relaxed her mind allowing more of the memories to invade her consciousness.  Memories of the blonde who had consumed all of her waking and sleeping thoughts.


Bayley wondered why she imagined she heard Alexis in the crowd. ‘Wishful thinking.’  She remarked silently and decided she had spent way too much time standing at the bar.   She checked her watch on her way out the door deciding it was time for one final stop, the hardest one she would have to face to date.  Reluctantly, she approached the entrance to the pool deck of the hotel and slowly climbed the stairs.  Bayley stopped at the top of the stairs and scanned the empty deck.  Looking ahead down the long pier, which expanded out into the darkened ocean, she inhaled deeply fighting back the tears that wanted to escape her troubled blue eyes.  She exhaled and began the long walk to the end of the pier. She leaned against the railing and closed her eyes, which stung from fresh tears.  It was here that she professed her undying love to Alexis and asked her to marry her…it was here that they had planned to commit themselves to one another this very weekend.  Bayley could no longer hold in her tears, the pain was unbearable and she no longer cared if she concealed it or not.  As the wind whipped against her face and the roar of the turbulent ocean crashing deafeningly against the pillars below, she heard that sweet voice from behind. This time it couldn’t have been a figment of her imagination.   Bayley's body stiffened and she straightened up, slowly turning around. “Does your offer still stand?” The woman asked looking at her stunned pale lover. “Alexis?” Bayley asked, her voice barely a whisper.  Filled with complete disbelief, amazement and joy, Bayley's heart pounded in her chest, she wasn’t sure if what she was seeing was actually real.


“Are you real? Or are you a ghost?” She bewilderedly asked moving closer toward the woman and tentatively reached out to touch her.  “I’m very real my love.” Alexis softly replied as the tears fell down her cheeks.  Bayley's hands trembled until they softly touched Alexis.  The touch was instantly electrifying and it sent a flush of warmth throughout her body.   Bayley had never felt so alive and engulfed her shorter lover in a tight warm embrace.   She cried with joy for the life that she held in her arms, uncaring how or why.  'Alexis was alive and with her'. 

Alexis had been watching Bayley from a distance and had tried to catch up with her earlier in ‘Mallory Square’, but she had lost her in the heavy crowd. She knew she would eventually find her at the most important place in Key West for them…where Bayly had proposed.  She noted the dark circles and lines that etched her lover's face and the toll the last six months had taken on her.  The confidant, arrogant, vivacious woman she once knew was gone.  It hurt to see that Bayley was a mere shell of her former self.  When she saw that gorgeous woman in the Justice Department for the first time she knew than that she was the woman for her to spend the rest of her life with. She had seen her life reflected in Bayley’s beautiful blue eyes and never turned back. Their connection was deeper than just lust or desire for one another. It was as if they were two lost souls who had finally they're way home.  Alexis felt a familiar pang of regret before reminding herself that she had had no other choice in the decision she had made.  Nothing or no one mattered to her in this world except Bayley. She knew her father would never approve, but she didn't care. Her mother on the other hand, loved Bayley and she called the shots with Alexis’ father.   Anyway, it was her life and there was no way she would live without this stunning beauty in it. She would rather have been separated for six months than the rest of their lives. 

That is exactly what would have happened had her father gotten his way.   Her life had been thrown in utter turmoil when her mother had died.  It had finally begun to unravel the weekend she had been approached by federal officers with indisputable evidence that her father had killed her mother, but it didn't stop there.  The ironic thing was that he had done it for money, which, in the end, hadn't come to him anyway.  Alexis' mother was an heiress to a financial empire and she had willed her entire estate to her daughter.   Maybe she had known what type of a maniacal person her desperate husband could become and had feared what he was capable of doing.  Her father had always been able to manipulate Alexis easily, but when her relationship with Bayley had begun he became very uncomfortable indeed.  He knew he wasn’t able to do anything about it while his wife was alive. When the two began planning a more permanent relationship with the announcement of their engagement, he knew he had to do something.  That something included first, getting his wife was out of the picture.  He wasn’t about to allow Alexis to do anything foolish with his rightful money...especially give it to her lesbian lover.  And if his wife couldn't see how sick that all ways, then she would have to be removed from the situation. 


He had been able to control Alexis before Bayley's interference and without the woman's influence in his daughter's life, he could once again control her and, in turn, his money.  So, he began plotting to remove one more hurdle, Bayley.   Alexis couldn't believe what the Feds had told her and she had returned home against their wishes to approach her father with their accusations.   The Feds immediately got a warrant and proceeded to the house, but not before, Alexis' father had violently attacked Alexis, severely beating her to teach her a lesson.  Before the federal authorities could break in and arrest him, he had escaped from the house with a promise to return and finish the job on not only Alexis, but Bayley as well.   The next day, her death had been staged and Alexis had immediately ceased to exist.  She wouldn’t take the risk of something happening to Bayley.  It was the only possible solution to keep her father away from her lover. She had assured Bayley’s safety by faking her death and naming no one in her, as the beneficiary in her will.  Thereby, effectively thwarting her father’s intentions of using the money her mother had lost her life over. This once meek and mild mannered young woman who had been so easily manipulated had made a dramatic change.  She became a strong, stoic woman who did what she had to do to protect the most precious thing in the world to her…Bayley.


 It had taken four months for the Feds to find her father and another two to put him where he wouldn't harm Alexis or Bayley ever again.  During the last two months, Alexis had taken to shadowing Bayley, but knew she couldn't approach her and risk causing further harm in case her father hadn't been convicted.  Alexis still wasn’t quite convinced that her father believed she was dead.  So, the best thing has been to not risk a confrontation with Bayley and have him find out.  Nothing was a sure thing anymore, his connections had proven formidable in hiding him for the past four months, and Alexis was taking no chances.  As soon as the conviction was handed down, Alexis ran out of the courtroom in search of Bayley.  This search led her to Key West, where they had always spent their anniversary.  She had followed the tall woman for quite awhile and when she saw Bayley standing alone at the end of the pier, she finally gathering the courage to approach her.  Now, she wanted nothing more than to explain and beg her forgiveness for the deception.   “Bayley, I need to explain.” Alexis attempted to explain and moved to break the hug. “No, I don’t want to let you go.” Bayley sobbed holding her tighter.  Her heart pounding in excitement as a jumble of thoughts ran through her mind.  None of them mattered at that moment, all that did matter was that Alexis was alive and in her arms once again.  Alexis cried harder and clutched her lover as tightly as she was being held.  She cried for all the pain that she had caused her lover, but mostly, for the utter joy she felt at their reunion.  She had longed to hold Bayley like this for the six months they were apart, but she couldn’t. She hated the fact that she had to deceive her and hurt her like that, but the plan would have never worked otherwise.

Alexis placed soft kisses on Bayley’s neck and worked her way up to her cheek.  She leaned back and looked into the deep blue eyes she loved so much.  “Kiss me like you’ve never done before Bay.”  She replied breathless and moved in hungry to feel her lover’s lips on her own. Bayley pressed her lips against Alexis’ and gasped from the intensity that she felt the instant their lips met.   Seeking entrance with her tongue, she was quickly granted access. She drank from the lips of the woman she passionately loved with all her heart and soul, never wanting to end this soul-filled kiss.   Bayley poured everything she had into that one kiss allowing Alexis to know exactly how much she loved and missed her.   Gasping, they finally broke their kiss and as their chests rapidly rose and fell, they stared into each other’s eyes memorizing them all over again. “Your hair?” Bayley rasped as she began to catch her breath.  “It’s so short and beautiful.” She lovingly exclaimed running her fingers through short, blonde hair.  “I know. I had to cut it.” Alexis regretfully answered finding it hard to look into the blue eyes that had so many questions tucked away in them. “Bay, I love you so much and I aah hated to do what I did, but it was the only way.” She attempted to explain again and began to cry lightly stroking her tall lover’s cheek with her palm.  Returning to her lover's lips, she deeply kissed Bayley and held her tight unable to find the words to begin to explain how she had to hurt her so deeply.


“It’s okay. All that matters to me is that you’re alive.” Bayley softly replied holding her lover tighter, as if somehow she would be snatched away from her again.  Alexis didn’t want to let her go, but she needed to explain and she wanted her lover in the worst way.  “I want to make love to you Bay.” She softly replied lightly stroking her lover's face memorizing everything about her fine features and moved in for a deep, passionate kiss. They both broke down and cried when their lips met for a soul-searing kiss that was filled with everything that each felt for the other.  Bayley fell deeper in love with the woman that possessed her lips and desperately wanted to reacquaint herself with every part of her lover’s sexy body.  “I want you so much Alex.” She professed breathless staring deeply into her lover’s gorgeous emerald green eyes as they sparkled in the moonlight. They smiled lovingly at one another, just staring at each other, happy to be back together.  Bayley lightly grasped Alexis’ hand and began leading her back down the pier. She tightened her grip on Alexis' hand as they made their way across the pool deck, repeatedly glancing down at her shorter lover to make sure what she was seeing and feeling was real…and it was.  Bayley listened in stunned disbelief as Alexis explained to her what had happened with her father and grew angrier at each thing Alexis told her.  It was surreal, almost like something that would only happen in a movie and it happened to their lives. “Are you okay? You’re not mad at me are you Bay?” Alexis worried seeing the pained expression on her tall lover’s pale face.


Bayley loved to hear Alexis call her by her pet name that only Alexis was allowed to use. She swallowed the lump that formed in her throat and attempted to speak. “No…aah…no Alex, not with you. How could I ever be mad at you?  You did everything for my own safety baby.  Your father yes, but never you.  I just wish I could have helped you through this terrible time.  It had to have been horrible to have gone through that kind of hell alone.” Bayley sadly expressed and stopped to lovingly look upon her lover. The tears streamed down her face and she lightly stroked Alexis’ face seeing everything that she loved about her reflected in her warm green eyes. “I don’t ever want you to have to go through any of that ever again.  I don’t want you to have any regrets about the decisions you made my love.  I completely understand and I thank you.  I would have done the same if I were in your position.”  Bayley lovingly smiled and lightly kissed Alexis’ lips.  “Do you know just how much I adore you Bay?” Alexis smiled warmly looking up at her tall sexy lover. “Yeah, about the same as how I adore you.” Bayley smiled pressing her lips against Alexis’ for a searing kiss. “Come on.” Bayley suggested mischievously and led Alexis away. “Where are we going?” Alexis questioned, intrigued by what her mysterious lover was up to as she lead her onto the beach.

“Right here.” Bayley answered with a chuckle scanning the area to make sure it was deserted, and found it to be true.  Bayley turned to Alexis with a wicked grin and lifted the shorter woman up onto the Catamaran boat that rested on the beach. “What are you up too? This isn’t your boat!” Alexis exclaimed nervously. “I know…but that’s the thrill of it baby. This is where I want to reacquaint myself with you honey.” Bayley lovingly smiled pulling her blonde lover into her arms for a warm embrace and softly pressed her lips against her lover’s. The kiss and hug was more than Alexis could stand and her knees grew weak as her heart raced from the thrill of what they were about to do.  She had longed for this moment for months and now it was upon her. She was nervous as if it was her first time making love to Alexis. They broke their kiss breathless and gazed lovingly into each other’s eyes, their passion saying everything they needed to know. Bayley adoringly smiled and gently lowered her young lover down on the canvas of the boat. She lay on her side next to her and tenderly traced the contours of her lover’s lips seeking access with her tongue, which Alexis was happy to grant. Her tongue danced a slow, erotic dance with Alexis’ and she deepened her kiss hearing Alexis’ moan when she touched her perky breast. 

Bayley’s touch meant so much to Alexis and it sent an instant flood of heat straight to her core.  The taste of her lips was so delightful and it made her want her tall lover even more. She wanted everything about this sexy woman and wouldn’t settle for anything less. She grabbed Bayley and pulled her closer, passionately deepening the powerful kiss as her hands roamed wildly along Bayley’s muscular back.  Bayley’s heart pounded in her chest in anticipation of having her lover once again. She opened her eyes to make sure it wasn’t a dream and peered into the deepest green eyes she had ever seen.   Her hand moved under Alexis’ shirt to caress the soft breast that she loved to touch. She gently kneaded the tender flesh under her hand and lightly rolled the hardened nipple between her fingers much to Alexis’ delight. “Oh, Bay! That feels so incredible.” Alexis informed her lover breathless through their searing kiss.  Bayley lavished her other breast with the attention it deserved and moved her kiss to Alexis’ neck. She tenderly kissed the soft flesh of her neck and lightly nibbled her way down to the perky breast awaiting her. She unbuttoned the silky shirt exposing the naked creamy breasts and tenderly suckled the dark, erect nipple before her. “Aah…oh, yes!” Alexis moaned and arched her back in reaction to what Bayley was doing to her.  Alexis reached between Bayley’s legs and felt her warmth through her shorts. Bayley gasped in delight from Alexis’ bold touch and moved to the other breast to shower it with attention.  She slipped Alexis' shirt off and blazed a trail of kisses from her breast down her abdomen stopping at her sexy navel.  Bayley’s tongue lightly circled the navel before dipping inside and sending a tingling sensation throughout Alexis’ body. Alexis stroked her fingers through Bayley’s hair enjoying everything that her lover was doing to her and didn’t ever want it to end.

Bayley unbuttoned Alexis’ shorts and moved them down past her hips completely undressing her blonde lover. They were completely oblivious to anything or anyone except each other. Alexis pulled Bayley’s shirt up and over her head wanting to feel her lover’s naked body against her own. Bayley slowly moved on top of Alexis and lowered herself upon the smaller woman, instantly capturing her lips for a passionate, wet kiss.  Her hand slowly caressed the length of Alexis’ sexy contours stopping amongst the wet curls to spread her folds apart. “Oh, Bay.” Alexis moaned in response to Bayley’s touch, a touch that expressed all the love she felt for this woman.  Her fingernails dug into Bayley’s flesh on her muscular back heightening her arousal for her young lover and deepened their passionate kiss. Bayley’s finger dipped inside her warm, moist and tight opening. “You are so soft and wet Alex.” Bayley moaned breathless, her heart excitedly pounding in her chest. The feeling of her lover’s warm, wet velvet sex sent an ache straight to her core that she knew only Alexis could satisfy. “Baby, touch me.” She pleaded through the passionate kiss and felt Alexis’ hand slowly make contact with her overheated, sensitive sex. “Oh, yes! You feel so good.” Bayley professed breathless, stroking her finger in and out of the hot, wet opening and feeling the rhythm of Alexis’ rocking hips pick up with each stroke of her finger. Bayley rubbed her sex up and down along Alexis’ hand heightening her pleasure with each stroke. She loved to feel Alexis deep inside of her, searching for that hidden treasure she so desired.  She moved her kiss to Alexis’ neck and softly sucked on the heated skin with a labored breath.

‘She knows my body so well and she knows just how I like it.’ Alexis thought breathless stroking Bayley’s engorged nub with her fingers, reveling in how wonderful it felt to have Bayley’s fingers deep within her. The way Bayley moved on her in circles, pushing and sliding aroused her more, almost pushing her over the edge with each stroke.  She didn’t want to come just yet; she wanted to wait until Bayley’s tongue was deep inside her. “Taste me baby.” She pleaded seductively, gently guiding her lover down her sweaty body. She desperately wanted to feel her lover’s tongue stroking her sex. Bayley happily obliged her sultry, lover sliding her tongue across and deep inside Alexis’ wet opening.  She heard Alexis gasp and arch her back in response to the pleasurable feeling of her tongue stroking in and out of her tight, wet opening.   Bayley lapped her lover’s swollen bud as she had never before. She stroked her clit as if she was licking an ice cream cone, slowly and deliberately, thoroughly enjoying every mouthful.  She didn’t want to leave anything unattended. Alexis moaned louder and rocked her hips faster to Bayley’s ministrations alerting Bayley that her orgasm was near. The tears streamed down their women’s faces as their passions unfolded and Bayley consumed her erotically decadent lover. She was relentless in her quest for Alexis’ orgasm and her tongue stroked her sex wildly.

Alexis screamed when her orgasm overcame her quickly releasing her musky fluid for her lover to devour.  Bayley’s heart and soul exploded all at once when she came along with her beautiful lover. She devoured the white, creamy treasure Alexis so graciously offered her with an unbridled passion. Alexis didn’t think her orgasms would ever stop and frankly didn’t care; it felt so good as one orgasm after another racked her body.  Bayley felt Alexis’ body stop shuddering and placed soft kisses along Alexis’ toned abdomen on her way up to her lover’s lips. She pressed her lips against Alexis’ letting her know exactly how much she loved her and broke the kiss breathless. Alexis loved tasting herself on Bayley’s lips and how wonderful Bayley always made her feel. She smiled lovingly looking into the deep blues above her and pulled her down for a soul-searing kiss.

“I love you so much Alexis.” Bayley adoringly professed through her kiss. “I love you with all my heart Bayley.” Alexis tearfully admitted breaking off the kiss staring deeper into Bayley’s eyes. “Let’s continue this in a more private and comfortable place.  I have my own adventure of your body to explore.” Alexis seductively offered lightly stroking Bayley’s face with her thumb. “I will go anywhere you want to my love as long as I can be with you forever.” Bayley answered, lovingly staring at her young lover.  “You can count on the fact that I’m never leaving you again.” Alexis professed and passionately kissed her lover consuming her in a loving embrace as the stars twinkled in delight high above the reunited lovers. 


The End.


 ÓKathleen Stoley