For no other reason than love

Have I given everything that is me?

My heart, my soul, my all,

At a cost so dear because I know

You cannot be mine.

I have only this obsession that keeps me warm

But it is strong and it is that which keeps me alive

To face another day.

If it were a simple choice of words

That could be spoken to break this spell

I would shout them from the highest hills

Until my voice no longer carries on the wind.

For no other reason than love

Do I walk this earth alone and lost along my way

A gesture, a smile, a moment is worth an eternity to me.

For no other reason do I search for that which I never find

But, as long as you are near

my hope is strong enough for one more day.

To live and understand this search is

To have lived and died many times over

Perhaps you do not understand all that I have in me

You do not see the heart you command

With the slightest of whispers

It is enough to know that this is so

For no other reason than love.


K. Stoley