You look into my eyes in search of love,

Into an empty mirror that does not reply.

You want to know if I want to live,

To live as if we never had to die.


I tell you I've lived my life in the shadows of the past,

And I am always reminded of this fate.

Can a life that remains unlived last?

Who can teach us how to live?

Can we learn yet to be alive?


I've learned to live life on the edges of love.

I, who have never created anything.

Who would teach me how to live?

A song that no one will ever sing.


I've lived even though I did not ask to live.

And now to live in search of life and love?

To look deep within and finally understand,

That I've never really lived at all.


I say yes to you. I say yes, I want to live.



By K. Stoley