By K. Stoley


Disclaimer:  This story deals with a mature theme although not graphic.  I believe an imagination should be exercised often. However, I will warn you that this tale involves a loving relationship between two women.  If this offends you or just isn’t your cup of tea, please find a cup of coffee instead.


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Kate stepped from the bright sunshine into the darkness and waited for her eyes to adjust.  She then scanned the room until she spotted what she was looking for.  Her heart never failed to register the sight of her friend.  Camille, better known as Cam, was a beauty by any description.  Her long black hair and blue eyes all enhanced her drop dead gorgeous looks.  Kate always felt plain and mousy when she compared herself to her best friend.  Kate would have described herself as a short, nondescript brunette.  Her only good feature, she would concede, was her large expressive green eyes.  Unnoticed, she took a seat at the bar and watched her friend realizing that Camps usual self-assured demeanor was still absent. Today, she had a pensive air about her as she stared off into the distance.  So much had happened in the past year and with a twinge of guilt, Kate felt that she was partly responsible.  Maybe it she had the guts to face the situation sooner things wouldn’t have gotten so messed up.  Cam had come to her one evening and confided in Kate that she had met someone and thought she was falling in love.  The shocker had been that it was with another woman.  Kate had never really allowed herself to delve into this possibility before.  In the past it had been a source of amusement between the two, as many family members had hinted at the possibility of Kate and Cam being more than just friends.  They did everything together and rarely, if ever, dated.   Kate knew that Cam wasn’t that impressed with most of the men she met but, never really gave it much thought because she, herself, hadn’t been that excited by the choice of available men.  You just went out when asked and hoped for the best.  But, deep down Kate had always known there was more to life than this.


          Back then though Cam’s announcement had hit Kate hard and made her finally question things she wasn’t ready to answer.  So, instead of searching out her feelings and discussing them with her best friend, she went out and did what she usually did when faced with a stressful situation, she hid from reality and over reacted.  Kate went and married the first guy who asked her.  She had known she had made a mistake as soon as she had said, “I do”.   Steve was a nice man but, there was no passion in their relationship.  Kate knew it was her fault.  She considered him a friend and nothing more.  Sex was more an exercise than a desire for intimacy.  A month after the wedding, Cam and Rachael had already split up.  It had taken Cam almost 6 months to get over Rachael and by then, Kate couldn’t stand the touch of her husband.   More and more, Kate’s dreams were becoming filled with thoughts of her best friend.  She knew her marriage was a sham and it was time to deal with what she should have faced a year ago and, no matter what the outcome, it was time to move forward.   Before, she had been just too afraid to go there.  But, that was then, and this is now.  Shaking off the pain she felt in her chest, Kate got up and moved forward toward her friend.


“Hey!” the brunette said as she slipped into the booth opposite Cam.  “Hey!” Cam replied looking up without really looking at Kate.  Kate reached over and touched Cam’s arm to get her full attention and concerned asked, “How are you doing?”  Cam looked up into warm brown eyes and grinned replied;  “I’m handling”. 


          “Yeah, how come you don’t look like it?” Kate replied jokingly.  Cam laughed and wiggled her eyebrows,  “Looks are deceiving” she retorted suggestively.  “Oh, yeah?” Kate relaxed into the light banter that had always been a part of their friendship.   “Naw, just thinking about things at work” Cam dismissingly offered.  Kate wasn’t convinced but she didn’t press the issue.  After the waitress came around for Kate’s order they fell into a comfortable silence that seemed to be their pattern of late.  Kate sat fretting about how to tell Cam that she had made the biggest mistake of her life.   Cam watched her friend as Kate’s brows knitted in concentration and finally broke the quiet asking, “What’s got you thinking so hard?”


          Kate focused back on the present suddenly unsure how to respond.  Afraid of what might happen to further strain their already fragile friendship?  How do I tell my best friend that I know I married the wrong person.  He wasn’t the one I loved.  Kate looked up and met concerned blue eyes and suddenly blurted out, “I’m leaving Steve!”   Cam sat back and only said, “Oh.”  Kate feeling awkward rushed on to explain, “It was a mistake from the beginning, I don’t know why I did it.  I mean I do but, I didn’t then and...  Oh God, I’m babbling like and idiot” Kate thought and fell silent.


          Momentarily taken back, Cam sat looking at Kate fumbling with her drink until she saw that her friend’s hands were shaking.  Reaching out Cam placed her hand over her friends and squeezed asked, “Are you sure you want to do this?”   Kate looked up with tears in her eyes and nodded.  Softly she answered, “Yes.  There is just no other way to put it but, I don’t love him.  I’m not sure I ever did.”   Cam was silent for a moment, afraid to ask for fear that she would overstep her bounds but, she needed to know.  “Is there someone else?”   She waited to see how Kate would respond to the question.  Their friendship had been strained in recent months, especially since Kate’s marriage and she wasn’t sure what her friend was up to anymore.  Cam also knew that it was partially her own fault.  She had closed herself off in recent months in an effort to stop the pain she was feeling.  Rachael had opened up a door to all knew facets of her emotions, only to slam that door painfully in her face.  To Cam it had been the beginning of a whole new life but, to Rachael, it was just another affair.  Another conquest to obtain. 


When Cam had finally walked away, she was raw and stripped of any desire for emotion or feeling.  So, she turned inside herself to heal and left her friend alone to deal with her own fate.   Cam began to come around when she realized that her friend wasn’t her usual happy self.  She noticed the sparkle in her eyes had dimmed and she wasn’t around much anymore.  Cam silently admonished herself, if she hadn’t been so self absorbed maybe she would have seen her friend was in pain sooner.  She should have been there when Kate needed her.  Well, she was here now and needed to find out just what was going on with Kate.  She directed her full attention to her and waited for the brunette to respond.







          Kate locked eyes with Cam but didn’t answer right away.  In her recent soul searching she had come to the realization that there were times she had seen more expressed in those blue eyes.  Consciously or subconsciously she had ignored that revelation then but, now more than ever, she felt the need to know if she had been right.  No more hiding and messing up everyone’s lives anymore.  ‘It either is or it isn’t and I’ll go from here.’  


Finally, Kate spoke, “Can I ask you something?”   “Sure” Cam replied concerned, “you know you can ask me anything!” 


          “Do you love me?” Kate asked softly.  Without hesitation Cam answered, “Of course silly, I’ve always loved you.  You’re my best friend right?”


          “Yes, but have you ever been IN love with me?” Kate pushed herself forward and watched Cam for any sign of rejection.


          Cam smiled sadly and answered, “Once”.


          “Your not anymore?” Kate whispered before she could stop herself.


          Cam shook her head slightly and replied, “It hurt too much”.  She looked down at her hands suddenly feeling emotions rushing up to over take her.  She closed her eyes as she felt a familiar tightening in her chest. ‘I thought I had gotten past that pain.’


          “I’m sorry” Kate answered softly and reached out to hold Cam’s hand.  Cam adjusted her hand to grip Kate’s hand and opened her eyes.  She started to speak but only shook her head softly and smiled.  Her teary blue eyes saying what her voice could not.  Forgiveness was never the issue.


          After a few moments Kate quietly asked, “Do you think you could ever be in love with me again?”  “I don’t know” Cam finally answered.  “Do you know what you are saying?” she asked. 


          “Yes” Kate replied, “I just never really faced it”.


          Cam wasn’t sure she had anything left to give her friend and sat back, softly pulling her hand away.  Kate felt her heart fall and thought, ‘Maybe I waited too long’.  They sat quietly for a moment before Kate asked the question they had both been thinking, “Where do we go from here?”


          Cam knew that they both needed time to think and her friend needed to go home and sort out what she wanted without Cam interfering.


          “I think you need to go home and discuss your relationship with your husband.  Steve is a good man and he deserves at least that” Cam replied honestly.


          “I guess your right” Kate replied acknowledging the truth in her friends response.


          They left the bar together and when they reached Kate’s car, she paused and turned to look ahead to Cam, afraid to ask what the pressing question but she needed to know answer, “What about us?”


          Cam stopped and walked over to Kate, “There will always be and us.  No matter what happens, I will be here for you from now on.  Nothing will change that.  Do you understand?”  As tears slid down her cheeks, Kate whispered, “Yes”.


          Standing between the cars Cam reached for Kate and held her tightly.  She never wanted to let go but she knew she must.  Kate needed to find her own way through this and she would let her.   With this knowledge Cam whispered in Kate’s ear, “I’ll always love you” and walked away towards her car.  Cam stood by her car and watched through blurry eyes as Kate got into her car.  Cam followed Kate out of the parking lot and pulled beside her at the light.  She motioned for Kate to roll her window down.  “Call me, o.k?” she asked looking into liquid brown eyes.  “O.k.” Kate replied and mouthed, “I love you”.  Cam nodded knowingly, she had always known.  “Be careful” she called out before turning as the light changed and they both went their separate ways home.





          Kate had finally gotten the courage to talk with Steve about their relationship and how she felt.  He had known something wasn’t right but couldn’t understand why she didn’t even want to try to work things out.  After hours of talking he could see she was set in her decision.  Frustrated he finally asked, “Is there someone else?”  Kate shook her head and responded, “Not like you think”.  “What is that suppose to mean?” he asked angrily.  “Either there is or their isn’t!  Which is it?” he demanded.  Kate stepped back in fear from his Steve’s sudden outburst.   Frustrated and dejected he stepped back and calmly replied, “I’m sorry.  I still love you.” And left to sleep in the guest room.  The next day Steve called Cam and asked her to meet him for lunch.  Although they had been very close, they hadn’t seen much of each other since the wedding.  Steve also knew that if anyone could make sense of what was happening with Kate, it would be Cam.  He had to at least try.


          Cam was running late and wished she had never agreed to meet with Steve.  She didn’t like going behind Kate’s back or being put in the middle of this situation.  She wasn’t sure what to say to him or how much Kate had actually told him.  With trepidation she entered the restaurant wondering if Steve blamed her for the break up of his marriage.  Looking around she saw Steve in the back waving her over.  ‘Well, here goes nothing’ she thought and headed over to him.


          “Sorry I’m late,” she said out of breath, partially from rushing and partially from stress.  “It’s o.k. I just here myself” he replied and waited for her to settle in before handing her a menu.  After the waitress had left with their order they both sat uncomfortable with the lull in the conversation.  Cam finally broke the silence and hesitantly asked, “So, how are you going?”   Steve half smiled and replied sarcastically, “My life is in the toilet but, other than that just fine, thank you.”  Cam sat back after the rebuff and didn’t respond.  “I’m sorry” Steve apologized, “I guess I’m just a little frustrated.”  Cam shrugged her acceptance and asked, “What did you want to talk with me about?”  Cam was afraid of how much Kate had really said to him but her fears were soon put to rest when he said, “You’re her best friend – you know her better than anyone,  Is it true what she’s telling me?  She doesn’t love me as anything more than a friend?” 


          Cam tried to smile and ended up nodding yes.  Steve’s shoulders sagged and he asked, “Has she said anything to you?”  Cam wasn’t sure how much she should tell Steve but he did deserve the truth.  “Yes, she spoke to me but, please don’t ask me to get in the middle.  I can’t break her confidence” Cam explained.  “You should know that she hasn’t gone rushed into this decision either.  She’s been unhappy for awhile now” Cam continued and waved off Steve when he would interrupt, “It has nothing to do with you or anything you did wrong.  She feels she rushed into the marriage without really thinking about what she actually felt or wanted.  You’re a nice guy Steve and she thought that friendship would be enough.”


          “I see” Steve said softly, “I knew something was wrong but, I just thought it was he adjustment phase everyone goes through during the first year or marriage.  I guess I didn’t want to really look to closely either.”


          Their food arrived and they ate in silence.  Cam finally pushed her plate away and said quietly, “I don’t know what else I can tell you Steve”.


          “Can you answer one more question?” he inquired calmly.  “I can try” Cam replied nervously.


          “Is there someone else?” he asked.  Cam took a deep breath and asked, “What did Kate tell you?”  Steve ran his hand through his hair in frustration and sputtered, “She gave me some vague answer of, not really.  What is that suppose to mean?” he finished defeated.  Cam felt bad for him and reached over to touch his arm and replied, “I don’t think you have to worry about her leaving you because she’s found another man.  I think this goes much deeper than that.  Anyway, she’s not the cheating type.”


          Steve looked up and nodded agreement, “Yea, I know this has nothing to do with infidelity.  I was just grasping for something.  It’s got to do with love and she doesn’t love me anymore than as a friend.  I guess I really always knew it but, I had hoped it would change in time.”  He grinned at Cam and jokingly added, “I was hoping I would kind of grow on her, ya know?”  Cam laughed and offered, “If any man could, it would be you.”  She realized she had said too much when Steve face lit up in sudden realization of what she had just said.


          Cam sat on the edge of her seat and waited for the inevitable.  She just hoped that Steve wouldn’t make too much of a scene in the restaurant.  Instead he just relaxed and calmly leaned forward towards Cam.  “I guess it all makes sense now.  I figured her lack of passion was just her reserve but, I guess not.  The signs were always there, I just didn’t want to see them” he continued before sitting back and staring off across the room.


          “I’m sorry” Cam offered unsure of what to actually say to him.  Steve sat looking away and then turned to focus his attention on Cam.  Cam flinched when Steve leaned in close but, he just patted her hand and softly said, “It’s o.k.  I don’t blame you.  I know you didn’t do this.”  He got up and shrugged into his jacket and looked down at Cam and smiled, “Ya know, it might sound crazy but, If it had to be someone else.  I’m kind of glad it’s you that she loves.  You do know that she loves you?”  Cam just nodded not trusting her voice to speak.  Steve leaned down and kissed her cheek before walking away.


          Cam sat at the table for awhile before she could trust her legs to stand.  ‘Oh, God, what have I done now’ she thought as she walked to her car.





          As the week wore on, Cam jumped each time the phone rang, almost afraid to answer it.  But the week came and went without a call from Kate.   She had thought of calling her many times but each time, she put the receiver down and reasoned away the urge.  ‘If she needs me, she will call’ she reasoned.   We both need this time alone.  I don’t want to influence any of her decisions and I don’t know if I’m ready to feel again.


          Another week went by and the silence was beginning to wear on Cam.  By late Friday night she found herself in the kitchen cooking because she couldn’t sleep.  Cam always found the kitchen to be her favorite place when she was stressed.   She tidied up the kitchen as she waited for the pizza to finish cooking.  The timer went off just as the doorbell rang.  Cam hurried to pull the bubbling pizza out of the oven and in her rush grabbed the hot oven rack with the wrong hand.  She instantly felt pain and began blowing on the shiny red imprint in her palm.  The doorbell sounded again and she grabbed the pizza with the gloved hand and placed it on the counter and shut off the oven. 


Clutching her throbbing hand she ran down the hall swearing, “Damn, alright I’m coming!”  She jerked the door open with her good hand and demanded, “What!” before looking to see who it was.


Kate stood on the porch startled at the sudden outburst thinking, ‘Maybe she knew it was me and didn’t want to see me?” 


“Kate, what’s wrong?  What are you doing out this late?” Cam asked as her anger turned to instant concern.


“I…I just needed to see you but, if it’s a bad time its o.k.” Kate stammered.


“No!” Cam shouted in response as Kate took a step backwards.   Seeing the uncertainty in Kate’s eyes she calmly continued, “What I mean is it’s not a bad time.  I’m sorry I was so abrupt.  I was cooking and had a slight accident.”  Cam waved the hurt appendage in response.  Kate grabbed Cam’s hand to have a closer look.


“Jeez, let me see.  You’ve done a good job this time!” she concluded.    “It’s no big deal” Cam answered defensively.  Kate could always make her feel like a wayward child when she got in her mothering mode.


“Do you have anything to put on this?” she asked as she pushed her into the house.  “Yeah, in the bathroom closet” Cam responded and let Kate pull her down the hallway.


Cam sat on the edge of the vanity as Kate practiced her first-aid skills.  Neither one speaking except for the occasional grunts from Cam when Kate hit a particularly tender spot.  Kate’s face was only inches from Cam as she leaned over to work on her hand.  Cam felt emotions stirring that had laid dormant for so long and wanted nothing more than to wrap her arms around her friend and hold on forever. 


Kate could feel Cam’s light breath on the side of her face as she applied the ointment to the burned hand.  Each breath sending a tingle of warmth down her back.  She felt an unresistable urge to kiss the injured hand and keep going from there.  Shaking her head from these thoughts she noticed the aroma of cooking and that could only mean one thing.  Wrapping the hand in gauze Kate finally spoke.


“So what are you upset about?” she asked.  “How do you know that I’m upset?” Cam questioned.  “Because I know you.  It’s midnight and your in the kitchen so, something’s troubling you” she replied smugly looking up at her friend. 


“You’re so clever aren’t you!” Cam retorted and headed towards the kitchen.  “Are you hungry?” she called over her shoulder.  “Aren’t I always” Kate replied as she followed her friend down the hall.






          They continued their light banter as they ate and it wasn’t until they were finished that Cam finally broached the subject of Kate’s visit.  “So, what brings you to my kitchen at this time of night – not that I’m complaining” she asked and began to clear the table.  Kate fell into the old habit and began to load the dishwasher.


          “I just needed to see you.  “I’ve missed this” Kate replied.  “Me too” Cam added and smiled over at her friend.  “Steve moved the last of his things this week.  It actually went better than I had thought.  At first he seemed so angry and then he suddenly became calm about the whole the thing.  It’s strange but nice, we were able to part as friends."  Cam realized that Steve didn’t tell her about their lunch conversation.  Cam wondered if she should say something and finally decided, ‘maybe at another time’. 


          Since neither one felt any desire to sleep on a full stomach they decided to see what was on television.  Sprawled on either end of the sofa they tried to stay awake long enough to watch a movie.  Finally, tired of fighting the inevitable, Cam got up and found that Kate was sound asleep.  Instead of waking her she grabbed a blanket from the closet and covered her.  She stood watching her friend sleep and brushed back a lock of hair that had fallen across her eye.  Cam leaned down and lightly kissed the top of Kate’s head and headed off to bed.  Some time later Cam felt something nudging her.  She cracked and eye open to find a very sleepy Kate dressed in just a T-shirt  poking at her shoulder mumbling “Move over.  Couch hurts.”  Cam sleepily obliged and rolled over to make room in the bed.  Kate scrambled into the bed and snuggled her back up to Cam’s, sighing peacefully; she fell back to sleep. 


          Sometime during the night Kate had turned and thrown her arm over Cam’s body.   Cam awoke on her back with a weight resting across her stomach.  For a moment she panicked trying to remember the night before.  With sudden alertness came clarity and she realized it was only Kate.  ‘Only Kate!’ God that’s an understatement she thought to herself.  Feeling suddenly warm she knew she needed to get out of this current situation.  She didn’t want to wake the sleeping woman so she slowly tried to slide out from under Kate’s arm.  She didn’t get far before Kate moaned and reached to pull her back.   ‘Great!’ Cam thought, ‘She thinks I’m a giant pillow.’  When she thought she had given the woman enough time to settle back down to sleep she began her methodical retreat.


“Going somewhere?” a muffled voice asked startling Cam.  “I thought you were asleep” Cam replied.  “Unh-uh” the muffled voice responded.  “I’m just very comfortable.”


“Glad I can provide an armrest for your comfort” Cam replied chuckling.  Kate could feel the vibrations of the laughing woman under her arm and moved her head closer to Cam so that she could see her.  “Good Morning” Cam said when she saw green eyes peeking over the side of her arm.  Kate smiled and laid her head on Cam’s arm tightening her grip across the woman’s waist.  Cam signed and resigned herself to the fact that she wasn’t going to be moving any time soon.  Giving up she decided to get comfortable too and lifted Kate’s head off her arm long enough to snake her arm around the young woman and pull her head onto her shoulder.   “Comfortable?” Cam asked sarcastically.  “Getting there” Kate equally responded.  Cam just smiled and tried to relax into this new closeness they were sharing.  It wasn’t an unfamiliar feeling, just not one she had ever shared with her best friend. 


Kate dozed while Cam kicked herself for getting in her current position.  She knew it had been a mistake to get this close but, she couldn’t have stopped herself if she tried.  Cam concentrated on calming her racing heart until Kate became restless.  In her constant shifting and moving, Kate’s arm was steadily moving higher and higher up Cam’s body, until it came to rest against the bottom edge of her breast.  Cam could feel her body responding and knew that she would have to move or it soon would betray her.  She tried to still her body from reacting and was almost successful until Kate moved her arm and it brushed across the struggling woman’s nipples.   Cam jumped up and Kate opened her eyes innocently.  If Cam had any doubts before, one look at Kate’s face answered any questions she may have had.  She had engineered the whole thing!’ Cam silently exclaimed.  She was purposely baiting Cam. 


“What’s wrong?” Kate asked feigning innocence.  Cam tired to make her voice sound nonchalant replying, “Nothing.  I just have to go to the bathroom”.  Getting out of bed she hoped that her body’s betrayal wasn’t too noticeable through her shirt.


As Kate watched Cam wiggle out of bed she didn’t fail to notice the two very distinct projections.  ‘What have we here, my friend?  So we do feel more then we are willing to admit?’   Kate thought to herself smugly.   Kate remained in bed indulging in wayward thoughts until she heard Cam rummaging around in the kitchen.   The smell of brewing coffee reluctantly pulled her from the bed and towards the coffeepot.





Cam stood by the sink looking out the window at the morning.  She sighed knowing that had been a close call.   She tired to get her mind off her hormones but, the thought of Kate up there in her bed, wearing nothing but a T-shirt, wasn’t making the situation any easier.  She didn’t hear Kate enter the kitchen until she felt her brush up against her back as she reached around her for a coffee mug.  In that brief contact, Cam found that she wasn’t the only one having trouble controlling certain reactions.  ‘Just what are you up to my little friend?’ Cam wondered as she turned to join Kate at the kitchen table.


“So what are you up to today?” Cam asked pointedly.  Kate jerked and almost spilled her coffee.  Cam smiled to herself and crowed, “Got ya!”  Kate set her mug on the table before she dropped it again and replied, keeping her voice level and uninvolved she answered, “Oh, I thought maybe a little shopping.  What to come?”


“Sure, why not there’s not much happening around here, now is there?” Cam answered watching emotions flit across Kate’s face.  “O.k., I’ll go get dressed” Kate said and headed down the hall, her mind still trying to work out the subtleties of the conversation that had just taken place.  She questioned herself, “Did what I think just happen, happen or is it wishful thinking?”


Cam placed her hand over her mouth in an effort to stifle a giggle as the young woman left the room.   She thought she would give herself away when she saw the look on Kate’s face.  It was priceless she thought, ‘So you want to play games with this well, Let the games begin!”


Cam heard the shower go on and smiled pouring herself another cup of coffee.  Kate was legendary for time in the shower.  Cam, on the other hand, could bath a small army in that amount of time.   Cam was just finishing up with a few projects when Kate came back into the kitchen.  “I hope you don’t mind, I borrowed some clothes?” Kate belatedly inquired. 


“Since when has that ever stopped you?” Cam retorted sarcastically then replied suggestively, “In fact, your welcome to anything that I have.”  On that note, Cam got up and headed for the shower.  Kate stood up and thought grinning, ‘Anything?’   Pouring herself another cup of coffee she sat down to wait for Cam.  She didn’t have to wait long and she never failed to be amazed at how fast Cam could get ready.





Cam was on to Kate’s scheme and quickly showered and they headed to the mall.   Kate ran around finding clothes for Cam to try on, insisting that she come into the fitting room with Cam to help.  ‘So, it’s a show she wants!’ Cam thought amused and decided to oblige the young woman.  Each time Cam stripped to try on a new outfit Kate had found, she did it very slowly in a seductive manner.  At one point Kate had gotten so flustered that she had to leave the fitting room on the pretense of finding just the right blouse to go with the slacks that Cam had on.  Watching Kate’s quickly retreating figure, Cam laughed to herself, ‘All I needed was the right music and I could be in business.  Honey, your playing with fire now!’


With each new store Kate’s blood pressure rose higher until she could take it any more and suggested that they break for lunch.  Cam would never admit it to Kate but she was beginning to reach her meltdown point as well.   It was late after they lunched and Kate suggested they call it a day and asked Cam,  “Do you have plans for tonight?”


“No, nothing exciting.  What do you have in mind?” Cam replied as she loaded the trunk with their packages.   “How about we get take-out and rent a couple of movies?” Kate suggested.  “Works for me” Cam replied and headed the car towards home.


After 45 minutes of arguing in the video store Cam finally let Kate have her way.  Cam knew the movie would have Kate in tears before the night was over.  ‘It’s going to be a bumpy night.’ Cam amusingly thought.  They agreed readily on Chinese and headed home with their dinner.  Cam dumped her new purchases in the bedroom and came out holding a pair of shorts.  “You might as well get comfortable and stay over again” she suggested and tossed the clothes to Kate.   After stuffing themselves with food they rolled themselves into the living room.   Cam curled up on the sofa and Kate settled on the floor resting her head back on the sofa.   Halfway through the movie Kate became so quiet that Cam had thought she had fallen asleep.  She leaned over the edge of the couch to see if her eyes were closed and found tears glistening Kate’s cheeks.


“Hey, you o.k?” Cam asked softly pulling on lightly on Kate’s shoulder.  Kate didn’t respond except to reach up and put her hand over Cam’s.  Concerned Cam sat up and pulled harder on Kate’s shirt, “C’mere sit up here with me.”  Slowly, Kate rose to sit next to Cam but sat looking the other way.  Cam put her arm around the woman’s shoulder and pulled her closer.  “Hey, it’s o.k. It’s only me.  I’ve seen you cry before ya know” Cam lightly joked.  Kate and leaned her head back and nestled it in the crook of Cam’s neck pulling her arm across her tightly.    Cam leaned down and kissed Kate’s brow resting her head close.  They stayed like this watching the end of the movie.


“Sorry, I got so mushy on you back there” Kate explained, “It just hit me ya know?”.   “You don’t have to explain yourself to me.  That’s what friends are for” Cam replied.  Her mouth was close to Kate’s ear and she shivered feeling her friends breath caress her ear.  “Gods, I love this woman.   How could I not know this?’ she questioned herself.  Kate lazily ran her hand up and down Cam’s arm as she thought about her friend.   Finally, Cam yawned and announced she was going to bed.  Kate didn’t seem in any hurry to move until Cam offered,  “Come on.  I’ll let you share the bed again.”  Reluctantly, Kate followed cam to bed.


Once comfortably tucked into bed, Kate again maneuvered her head onto Cam’s shoulder and rested her arm across the woman’s body.   Cam marveled at how comfortable this new facet of their relationship felt and looked over asking, “Comfortable?”  Kate grinned and replied, “Getting there.  You’re becoming my favorite pillow.”  Cam snorted, “Glad I can be of service.”  They remained with their own thoughts as they both drifted towards sleep.


“Cam, you asleep?” Kate asked softly.  “Yeah” came an amused response.  Kate ignored it and continued, “Remember earlier today?”  Cam was awake now, Which part!”  


“Remember you said anything you have is mine?” Kate replied. 


“Yes” Cam answered quietly.


“Well, I’ve decided there is something I want!” Kate said, certain for the first time in her life she knew exactly what she wanted. 


“My car?” Cam joked nervously and received a slap to her stomach in response.  “No silly.  I want…..I want you!” Kate stated.


Cam’s emotions ran the gamete between elation and fear.   Kate had just said the words that she had never thought she would but, could be sure her friend knew just what she was asking.


“Cam?” Kate called when she didn’t get a response.  “Mmmm” Cam mumbled her mind racing at what to say.  “Did you hear me?” Kate persisted.


Cam took a deep breath stalling for time and finally answered, “Yes, I heard you.  Do you know what you are saying?”


“Maybe not everything but, I know that I made a mistake by not saying something sooner.  I needed to talk to you and I didn’t, instead I ran away and did a very stupid thing.  I don't want to make that mistake again” Kate answered and added, “Have I?”


“I don’t know” Cam finally answered causing Kate to sit up.  She turned and looked down a the reclining woman and asked,  “Are you totally opposed to the idea or just unsure if I am sincere?”


Cam looked up into brown eyes and didn’t know what to say.   Kate saw the barriers that Cam had erected and didn’t know how to reach past them.  Sadly Kate voiced her fears, “You’ve built walls around you that I don’t know how to get past.  Why can’t you let me in and talk to me?”  


Cam closed her eyes to the pain she saw reflected in her friend’s face and quietly admitted, “I’m afraid.”


“Of me?” Kate asked hurt.


“No, of me” came the simple reply.  


Kate knew she had to take the risk and leaned closer to Cam whispering, “Are you afraid of feeling this?”  The kiss was feather light on Cam’s forehead but the sensation caused her to quiver. 


Kate continued looking into Cam’s eyes for any indication that she was getting through.  Still seeing the struggle in Cam’s eyes she asked,  “Or, are you afraid of this?” and lightly kissed the woman on the cheek. 


Cam closed her eyes to the emotions that were running through her body.  She could feel the heat building and no matter how hard she fought, she knew she wouldn’t win this one.  Cam quickly opened her eyes when she heard Kate's voice thick with emotion ask, “Or this?”


Kate’s face leaned in and brushed her lips across Cam’s.  The softness was indescribable and Cam shut her eyes and moaned.


Kate knew that she was finally breaking through and felt a need to look into the blue eyes that she loved.  She leaned over and began to stroke the woman’s cheek until she opened her eyes again.  Kate looked into blue eyes that were rimmed with tears and saw the acceptance she was searching for.  The walls had started to crumble and her friend was letting her in.


“Do you know how much I love you?” Kate asked and leaned in to kiss Cam again.  This time the kiss had purpose and she nibbled on Cam’s bottom lip until the woman gasped and let her in.  As the kiss deepened, Cam reached up to pull Kate down on top of her.  No more hiding, no more fear.  This felt right and for the first time in her life Cam felt as if she was whole.  Kate dropped eagerly into Cam’s arms and welcomed the crushing arms that held her tightly.  Their tongues vied for control as the heat of their passion increased.  Rolling over Cam pinned Kate beneath her.  She needed to stop before it was too late.  “Are you sure?” she asked Kate.  “Surer, than anything I’ve ever felt in my life.  I just don’t know what to do?” Kate admitted.  Cam looked deep into her eyes searching, searching for a hint of fear or uncertainty.   Instead, she found love reflected back at her.   “Just do what feels comfortable.  If you say stop, we will.  I love you!” Cam huskily whispered, “I always have” and leaned in to began a gently exploration with her lips. 


Later that evening, bodies sated and souls complete, they lay in each other’s arms.  Limbs entwined together and hearts beating as one, no longer separated by fear or uncertainty, they were finally home.  



The End


ÓK. Stoley